Getting ready for 2015

Brochures, Posters, Calendars, Event Listings.

All Under Construction!

Not long until the 2015 list of events will be unveiled. Check back here soon, perhaps as soon as next Sunday, and who knows, you might find a much fuller calendar!

We’re cross-checking references, prices, venues and making sure it’s all a-OK.

And while you wait, do have a look around – remind yourself of last year’s festival & look forward to this year’s!

As tickets are being released, they will pop up in the September 2015 Calendar Page!

Last updated on 01 September 2015.

Lego Day on 21 June – a fun Fundraiser for Soundwaves!

This year’s Skerries Soundwaves Lego Day took place on Sunday June 21, as a fundraiser for our annual festival (September 17 to 27, 2015). You can read more about it here!


Soundwaves will be back from September 17 to 27, 2015!

We’ll give you information as we receive it from the event organisers.

hansel gretelNorth Dublin Opera this year will perform Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel, a fairy-tale opera, for children. The opera features a host of colourful characters, including fairies and witches, as well as dazzling music. The cast is made up of a talented bunch of young professional musicians, and the audience will have the chance to meet with them afterwards to find out what the life of a professional musician is really like. An excellent introduction to classical music for young children.

And while you’re waiting for more information… Here’s a taste of what happened 2014.

Thank you to all those who were part of it – organisers, performers, volunteers, sponsors and most importantly festival goers!

Would you like to help us make 2015 an even better festival? Then do give us your feedback on the festival. Thank you!

For now, we have put together pictures and reviews of some of our 2014 events.

That was…

The Festival Launch & Exhibition Opening 2014

The Gig at the Mills 2014

Skerries Got Talent 2014

The Lego Minecraft Cookery Competitions & Exhibitions 2014

Shadows and Lights

Night Airs at Skerries Mills 2014

My Name is Saoirse

We are adding to the list!

Next, we hope to add pictures and a few lines about:

…The Final Day 2014: Céilí, Street Party, Parade and Fireworks

…Tribal Drumming 2014

…Soundwaves Minecraft 2014

Our main sponsors

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Skerries Soundwaves Festival are very grateful to Fingal County Council for supporting this festival since 2003.
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Soundwaves Festival would like to acknowledge the Arts Council for their continued funding of our festival.