First ever cccSkerries Digital Art Jam

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Saturday 28th, 3 – 4pm, creative computing classes Skerries, 19 Kelly’s Bay Rocks – €2
Bring a laptop or reserve one by email (

This is something completely new. Anyone aged 8-12 can be part of an experiment combining things digital and the arts, as cccSkerries’ contribution to our Soundwaves Festival of music and arts!
Jam? Musicians jam. They come together and play music, you never know what’s going to happen, everyone does what they can and what they love. Coders of games jam – they gather in one place, dozens of them, on their own or in groups, are given a time limit and a prompt, and create a completely new game. And now we have a Digital Art Jam: Kids aged 8-12 are invited to come to cccSkerries, and create some digital art work using Paint (which is on practically every laptop).
It’s all about creativity on the day. Sabine from cccSkerries says: “We’ll give you a quick introduction to Paint first, if you need it, then it’s up to you to get creative – from scratch. No cutting or pasting from other pictures allowed! You’ll be surprised what spectacular art can be created in less than an hour.”
cccSkerries, who started running coding and computer-skills courses for children from 8 years up as recent as July 2013, are offering an Art Doodle book as first prize in each of the two categories (8 and 9 / 10 to 12).
There is a nominal charge of €2 for the event, and children are asked to bring a laptop (Three available on loan, first ask-first served – contact for more information or to secure one of the available laptops).
This is a cccSkerries event for Skerries Soundwaves 2013.

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One thought on “First ever cccSkerries Digital Art Jam

    […] Liszt, with her beautiful playing and her lovely way of introducing the pieces. The cccSkerries Digital Art Jam went great, the kids enjoyed it, and the pictures will be posted in the blog! Ryan […]

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