Musical Oasis

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Sunday 29th, 2.30-5pm, Strand Street Methodist Church – free.

Relax and enjoy a few moments of musical bliss. Musical Oasis is our free, pop-up, drop in and chill out performance space, where talented musicians will be performing throughout the afternoon.

methodist church Skerries

Here is a list of performers with their instruments and the approximate time they will be on.

There is no guarantee for the time or running order – come early if you want to be sure to catch somebody!
There will be last-minute changes, people being added or dropping out. Expect surprises!

Sean Carey                                          Voice/guitar                            2.00pm

Band (Mitchell and The Crew)          Voice/guitar                            2.10pm

Philip Fahy                                         Trumpet & Piano                    2.20pm

Jessica & Hugh Doolan                      Voice/guitar                            2.30pm

Eva Campbell                                     Voice/guitar                            2.40pm

Adam Caka                                         Piano                                       2.50pm

Rebecca Cauldwell                             Voice/piano                            2.55pm

Ciarán Mc Kenna                               Piano                                       3.00pm

Kate Lambkin                                     Voice/guitar                            3.10pm

Emma Butler, Sara Butler,

Hannah Maloney & Erin Loosley      Voice                                      3.20pm

Sarah Enright                                      Voice, Piano & Saxophone    3.30pm

Hannah Hawkshaw                             Voice                                      3.40pm

Fiona Garvey                                      Voice/guitar                            3.50pm

Ross Mc Hugh                                    Voice                                      4.00pm

Labhaoise Mc Hugh                           Voice                                      4.05pm

Ruby Pereira                                       Piano                                       4.10pm

Daisy Pereira                                      Piano & fiddle                                    4.12pm

Emma Quinn                                      Voice/guitar                            4.15pm

Deirdre Cleary                                   Piano                                       4.20pm

Fingal Chamber Choir                     Voice                                      4.30pm

3 thoughts on “Musical Oasis

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