Words and Music

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Thursday 26th 2013, 9pm, upstairs Joe May’s – €5

Photographs by Niall Levins O’Reilly, Skerries Camera Club.

Theme-based poetry and music? How could that work? Magically, is the answer.  Darren Hughes brought together two fellow poets and one fellow musician, and together they wove a tapestry of thoughts and sounds that carried us away.  Darren, Marie Bashford-Synnott, and Enda Coyle-Greene (the poets) and musician Laura McGuire took it in turns to introduce the sections – Skerries / home / islands, the writing process, dreams, the past, happiness… Laura’s tunes on the tin whistle and fiddle, as well as her and Darren’s haunting songs, concluded each section and set the mood for the next.

Those who attended sat mesmerised throughout the evening.  Poetry, I for one had nearly forgotten, can make you look at ‘ordinary’ things in a different like again.

Thank you, Darren, for putting on this very special event – let’s hope this is the beginning of a series. That’d be nice!

This was the original programme text:

Poems by Darren Hughes, Marie Bashford-Synnott, and Enda Coyle-Greene along with music played by Laura McGuire are themed and blended to complement each other in what promises to be a unique event.  Specially-chosen poems and music will be blended to reflect and compliment themes ranging from’ ‘The Sea’ to ‘Where do poems come from?’

More information on the event: An Evening of Theme-Based Poetry and Music
More information about the artists: Three Poets and a Fiddler

4 thoughts on “Words and Music

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    Thanks again + some extra info | Soundwaves Festival 2013 said:
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    […] there’ll be an evening of theme-based poetry and music upstairs in Joe May’s – Words and Music where Poems by Darren Hughes, Marie Bashford-Synnott, and Enda Coyle-Greene along with music […]

    […] briefly, that the events were just great. The Rodgers & Hammerstein Celebration was sold out!  Words and Music was received very well, it was a wonderful, thought-provoking, lyrical and musical evening that […]

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