Magic Show: Jack Wise

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Saturday 21st, 3.30pm, Little Theatre – €5 (4 tickets for €15) in The Bubble Room, Strand Street Sold out
Go to our blog for pictures & more.

Be part of the magic: Jack Wise, Ireland’s top children’s entertainer is back by popular demand with a cracking MAGIC SHOW.
Jack has won the Irish Street Performance Championships, and the UK Children’s Entertainer of  the Year.
How? By making everyone laugh, young and old alike!

Magician, Ventriloquist, Pickpocket & Sword Swallower! (A great hit with the audience last year, and already selling fast again!) Sold out as of Thursday 18/09/2013.

Jack Wise AudienceJack Wise on stageJack Wise Audience 2

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