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Tuesday 24th, 9pm, upstairs in Joe May’s – €5. Tickets in The Bubble Room, Strand Street, and at the door.

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Shadows and LightBe transported to a world of beauty through the music and lyrics of Joni Mitchell, brought to you by a superb band who love her music. Unmissable.

Shadows & Light are an established 3-piece band based in Dublin that love to sing and play the amazing songs of Joni Mitchell. 

Maura Flynn (vocals), Dave Mulligan (guitars) and Paul Enright (keyboards) have a long musical pedigree. Dave and Paul have been playing together for 25 years, while Maura has been singing with the guys for 3 years as part of ‘Red Shoes’ – a six-piece pop/funk band based in Dublin.  Dave has a Degree in Jazz Performance from Newpark Music School, while Maura has a Masters in Music and is a full-time music teacher.

They are true Joni Mitchell fans.

Maura: I have been haunted by Joni Mitchell for years. Since college days, when my room-mate played her hits over and over on CDs, sang them with a guitar, or played them on the piano. The piano sat where most people’s TVs sat.

Dave: Her lyrics haunt me too. I’ve always been one for lyrics. They roll around on my tongue till I get used to them. 

Paul: It has been so cool to finally get a chance to sing some of her tunes with great musicians who love this music nearly more than me! 

Some of Joni Mitchell’s songs that they play are:

A Case of You
All I Want
Big Yellow Taxi
Both Sides Now
Chelsea Morning
Chinese Cafe
Free Man in Paris
Harry’s House / Centrepiece
Help Me
Hissing of Summer Lawns
In France They Kiss on Main Street
Raised on Robbery
Trouble Child

Which ones they’ll play on the 24th? Well, you’ll just have to come along and see!

In the meantime, you could visit their website and listen to some of their music.

5 thoughts on “Shadows and Light

    […] to as many events as I can. So tomorrow I’ll be off to The Bubble Room and get my ticket for Shadows and Light on Tuesday night. Joni Mitchell’s songs, brought to us by Maura Flynn (vocals), Dave Mulligan […]

    […] Shadows and Light – The Music of Joni Mitchell. Tuesday 24th, 9pm, upstairs in Joe May’s – €5. Tickets in The Bubble Room. […]

    The Next Events | Soundwaves Festival 2013 said:
    September 23, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    […] Shadows and Light – The Music of Joni Mitchell. Tuesday 24th, 9pm, upstairs in Joe May’s – €5. Tickets in The Bubble Room or at the door. Tribal Drumming Workshops and Performance for all ages and abilities: Tuesday 24th, workshop at 4pm , Little Theatre – €5. Tickets in The Bubble Room. Tuesday 24th, performance for friends and family at 8pm, Little Theatre – free Rockabill Film Society: Untouchable (Launch of the Autumn Season). Wednesday 25th, 8pm, the Sailing Club – €8. Tickets at the door. North Dublin Opera presents: A Rodgers and Hammerstein Celebration Thursday 26th, 7.30pm, Little Theatre – €7. Tickets in The Bubble Room or at the door. Words and Music with poets Darren Hughes, Marie Bashford-Synnott, and Enda Coyle-Greene along with musician Laura McGuire Thursday 26th, 9pm, upstairs Joe May’s – €5.Tickets in The Bubble Room or at the door. All of that before the second festival weekend with its Thérèse Fahy / Ryan O’Shaughnessy / Ham Sandwich concerts, Street Party and Festival Parade, to name but a few events! […]

    Thanks again + some extra info | Soundwaves Festival 2013 said:
    September 26, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    […] and team for bringing the Shadows and Light of Joni Mitchell’s music to a delighted audience in a packed Joe May’s on […]

    […] Shadows and Light – The Music of Joni Mitchell […]

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