Sunday 22nd September – Lego Workshops, Soundwavey Cycle, UkuHooligans and Lego & Minecraft Exhibition

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120 children at Lego Workshops. 30 people cycling up to Ardgillan. At least as many again enjoying the sun & happy music at the UkuleleHooley in Skerries Mills. And a couple of hundred or so at the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition (in spite of The Big Match being on at the same time) – a truly successful first festival Sunday!

 Lego Workshops

The Lego Workshops were eagerly awaited, many had been sold out for days, and as you can see from the pictures, those who made it there thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were totally engrossed in the activity! It was striking how co-operative the kids were when working in pairs or groups, and how quiet it was – just a low level of conversation. The youngest kids were building windmills. Older children had a go at computer-aided Lego machines, such as airplanes, we think, and cranes which could be swung by moving the mouse. Fascinating stuff altogether! The people from, who were running the workshops, did a great job once again. Thank you!

Photographs: Marie Byrne, Skerries Camera Club


Soundwavey Fun Cycle

Ray Ryan, SCI
Ray Ryan, SCI

Sunshine, quiet roads, kids and parents on bikes… this cycle up to Ardgillan has become such a tradition that some children were talking about it weeks before. Some might not have been as competent as the organisers would have wished,.. At any rate, everybody made it up to Ardgillan safely, and for the youngest, this must have seem like they conquered Mount Everest. Well done to stewards and cyclists! We have been asked not to disclose too much about the “wavey wavey” after the picnic in Ardgillan Park. As Ray Ryan, chairperson of Skerries Cycling Initiative and organiser of this particular event, puts it: “What happens in Ardgillan, stays in Ardgillan – those who want to know will have to come along next year.” No further comment.

Photographs: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club


Ray McCarthy
Ray McCarthy

The good old ukulele is going from strength to strength these days, and we were lucky that our very own Ray McCarthy was able to bring the UkuHooligans all the way from Dún Laoghaire to our festival. They sat in the sunshine of the Skerries Mills Willow Terrace, spread happy music and good vibes, and sported Caribbean fashion at the same time.

We didn’t make any recordings, alas, so you have to take our word for it that they sounded as pretty & handsome as they look.

Photographs: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club

Lego & Minecraft Exhibition

 Lego Day & Exhibition

This event is one of the most-loved of Skerries Soundwaves, and it is a great example of the way our events come to be. A good number of years ago, a certain boy said to his mother: Why is there no Lego competition at Soundwaves? I think there should be a Lego competition. (Or words to that effect.) The mother in question, I should add, is one of the core people of the Skerries Soundwaves committee. So what did she do? She followed her son’s suggestion up with creating the Soundwaves Lego Day and has been running it ever since!

There’s hardly a Skerries family whose children haven’t participated at least once. For weeks beforehand in some cases, Lego bricks are put together, taken apart and put together again until the young artist is happy. (In some other cases, all this happens in a frantic couple of hours on Lego Day…)

And then the exhibition, displaying one’s creation, waiting for the judges to come and inspect them… all very exciting. Tuck shop, Lego stalls and, for the last two years, a (growing) corner with Minecraft things. Great afternoon altogether!

Photographs: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club (most), Stephen Stewart (3) and Sharon Mallon Hanratty (5).

Soundwaves Minecraft Project

The Soundwaves Minecraft Project (which even has its own blog) came about much the same way as the Lego Day.  In this case, the son became an integral part of the project team.  For nearly two weeks, Skerries Minecrafters have been able to go online and build in a world that was based on the actual Skerries landscape. You can see Red Island, the Ballast Pit, the Mill Pond, the beaches, the islands. And in this familiar landscape, on greenfield sites, grew a virtual town. Many, many children participated, and some thirty of them entered their creations into the competition. There were three categories: Based on something existing in the real Skerries (the Skerries Mills building won); Redstone (structures that have circuits which can be activated.. a bit like Lego Technic; an automated cow farm and beef production centre made the cut here) and the most-entered category, Fantasy (first prize went to The Twin Dragons). For full lists of winners please see the Soundwaves Minecraft web site.  The online game was fun – but the best bits were the launch party and the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition where kids who knew each other ‘virtually’ got to meet up in real life.

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    […] See our blog for pictures of this event & more. […]

    […] See our blog for pictures of this event & more. […]

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    September 27, 2013 at 9:33 am

    […] See our blog for pictures of these workshops & more. […]

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