Tue 24th & Wed 25th of September: Tribal Drumming / Shadows and Light / Rockabill: Untouchable

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You might think that the mid-week days were quiet for the Skerries Festival, but not so!

Drumming, listening to Joni Mitchell‘s music while the harbour glittered in the star light behind the performers, watching one of the funniest and most heart-warming films I’ve seen in a long time in the sell-out launch of the Rockabill autumn season: Skerries people came out in numbers to participate in the events of these two days.

Tribal Drumming Workshops and Performance

Tue 24 September. “Great beat from the Tribal Drumming workshop” went out as a tweet to @SkerriesSound in the afternoon from a passer-by.  Everybody who went to the workshop or the performance in the evening was blown away by the experience.  The Soundwaves coordinator for this event says:

We had a great night at the Tribal Drumming. From the very beginning the atmosphere was fabulous. John was a fantastic teacher who had everyone in the palm of his hands. The TY students were great, as were all the participants from Prosper.  The interaction and warmth between all the participants was superb.  The feedback from everyone, including John,was fantastic. A special thanks to all the helpers for making it happen. As for the drumming, we were all brilliant! Roll on next time. 
Photographs: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club

Shadows and Light – The Music of Joni Mitchell

Shadows and Light tweetsTue 24 September. Joni Mitchell’s songs interpreted by three lovers of her music, Maura Flynn (vocals), Dave Mulligan (guitars) and Paul Enright (keyboards)… As one lady in the audience said: “To me, this is what Soundwaves is all about – intimate, personal gigs that you would not see otherwise, for a very good price.” Many people seem to agree: Joe May’s was packed!

Maura, whose voice sounded a lot like Joni Mitchell’s herself, but who luckily did not seem to suffer from the sort of stage fright that made performing such a trial for Joni, guided the audience through a chronological look at Joni’s life. The material of the night, taken from ten albums, started with the well-known “Yellow Taxi” (‘They paved paradise and made it a parking lot’) and included a particularly haunting version of “Both Sides Now.” Known primarily as a folk singer, Joni Mitchell wrote songs in many styles (now nearly 70, she has not performed in a number of decades, as far as we are aware). The “Shadows and Light” band covered rock & roll, blues and jazz, as well as folk and love songs.

This gig has resulted in quite a few new Joni Mitchell fans around the town, and the audience showed their approval by calling for more at the end and insisting on an encore. A number of positive tweets followed, too! The only regret afterwards was that no-one had thought of recording the night – it would’ve been a special one, but we’ll just have to make do with the photographs.

Photographs: Sabine McKenna (4), Michael McKenna (rest), Skerries Camera Club

Rockabill Film Society: Untouchable (Launch of the Autumn Season)

Rockabill Film Society’s launch of its autumn season was a roaring success.  It was as close to sold out as is humanly possible.  They ran out of membership cards, and some of the new members had to make do with handwritten (temporary) ones. Soundwaves are delighted to have had this night as part of their Festival programme – certainly a most successful collaboration.

As always with Rockabill, the company was as good as the film.  Before it started, and during the interval, the room was abuzzing with lively conversations. The interval is one of the best parts – roughly at the mid-point of the night’s film, the projectionist (David Cooke) stops the projector, and he nearly always manages to do so at just the right moment, when everyone would love to know what’s going to happen next. Instead, they go up to the bar, or outside for a bit of fresh air, and chats resume.

The film was “Untouchable,” a French comedy with a serious background – you can see the trailer on our event page, and we also found an article about the real-life people behind the film.  It was a fantastic choice, and the audience spontaneously ended the night with a big round of applause.

Photographs: Sabine McKenna 

Do check out their website for future films – you can attend just one or join up for the entire rest of the season.

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