Information for Skerries Got Talent Finale Participants

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The following information for the participants in tonight’s finale was sent yesterday by email, but just in case it missed some of the participants, here it is again:
Participants are asked to come to the Montessori room behind the stage around 4:20-4:30. The backstage supervisor is Debbie Stevens.  Debbie will have a list with information on all acts, which participants need to check so that everything is correct. If anyone didn’t get information to the organisers yet, they should make sure to give it to Debbie as they arrive.
We will only have access to the hall from 4:20 and there is a huge amount of chair and furniture moving to be done, so participants are asked to please not go into the hall  when they arrive but into the Montessori room just behind it.
The Matinee will run from five until twenty past six or so. (A full list of acts is at the end of this post.)
Participants are all free to leave between 6:30 and 7:30. Those of not from Skerries afield may want to stay, and that’s fine, the centre will be open and supervised.
There are still a few tickets available for the matinee, but we expect the event to sell out. If anyone wants any kept, they should let the organiser (Gráinne) know as soon as they arrive. There are a few people still waiting for nigh- time tickets, so if anyone doesn’t want theirs, they should let her know also.
If family and friends are arriving by car for the 8 pm show, they should be advised that parking can be very difficult around the centre at that time. Allow 15 minutes for parking, just in case.
The MC for the matinee is Lainey O’Sullivan, and for the night time show are Cian Mulhall and Nathan Joyce. There will be three  judges, who all are competent performers and musicians.
Participants should bring their music on a USB stick in MP3 format, as CDs can be tricky (but the organisers will do their best to work with CDs if necessary).
And a few last points from Gráinne:

1) For the first show, participants will get to see all of it, as we have reserved enough space in the theatre for all performers. For the second show, they must stay backstage for their half. The backstage area is supervised.

2) There will be a first and second prize in each category. The prizes are vouchers…. not huge (as we run our festival on a shoe string!), but hopefully winners will be happy.

3) Be aware that there will be photographers at the events so your photos will likely be on our website, Skerries News etc.

4) Below is a very rough outline of when we expect people to be on stage.

Looking forward to two brilliant shows! “Break a Leg”
The running order will be as follows:
5:10 Star Singers
5:15 Alice Branagan and Maeve Joyce
5:20 Jake Guildea
5:25 Robyn Guildea
5:30 It’s a Girl Thing
5:35 Jessica Doolan
5:40 Megan Churcher and Jessica Diebold
5:45 Sarah Hawkshaw
5:50 Kate Lambkin
5:55 Emma Quinn
6:00 Fiona Garvey
6:05 Shane Bannigan
6:10 Kelley Brassington
6:15 Iconic Dance Crew


8:10 Star Singers
8:15 Alice Branagan and Maeve Joyce
8:20 Jake Guildea
8:25 Robyn Guildea
8:30 It’s a Girl Thing
8:35 Jessica Doolan
8:40 Megan Churcher and Jessica Deibold
— Interval 8:45-9:10
9:15 Sarah Hawkshaw
9:20 Kate Lambkin
9:25 Emma Quinn
9:30 Fiona Garvey
9:35 Shane Bannigan
9:40 Kelley Brassington
9:45 Iconic Dance Crew
— Short interval 9:50-10 while judges deliberating
10 Winners announced

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