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Dear Soundwaves friends,

What a festival we had! Do look out for the current issue of Skerries News – chockablock with articles and photographs about Soundwaves in general, and about Sunday the 29th in particular.  We’ll also post blogs about the events from Thursday to Sunday soon.

That Sunday was a very special day in Skerries – and not just because it was the finale of our 10th festival. The main event of that day was certainly the unveiling of the Sea Memorial. The Chairperson of Skerries Community Association, Martin Russell, expressed that so well when he wrote, in the SCA Newsflash:

SCA LogoThat was the day that was!

Over the years, Skerries has seen many memorable days that highlight the community aspect of our town. Yet none will match the twelve hours between 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday 29th September 2013. It started with  entertainment and some speeches and then the arrival of President Michael D Higgins who came to unveil the Memorial to lives lost at sea off Skerries. The event was eagerly anticipated and even the weather played its part to ensure that everything went well. 

Photograph of the President
Photograph by Michael F McKenna, Skerries Camera Club

The oration made by the President impressed and moved all who were present. President Higgins took time to view the plaques on the Memorial and to engage with the relatives of those who perished, despite his usual busy schedule for the day. This was greatly appreciated and will be cherished as a memory.

Of course this would not have occurred but for the vision and hard work of Shane Holland and Carl Duff. Shane is a noted sculptor and designer who took ownership of the project. He and Carl organised fundraisers to generate the finances necessary to see the project through to completion. The project was approved and supported by Fingal County Council. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone involved.

Photograph: Shane Holland

Over the past two weeks the Skerries Soundwaves Music & Arts Festival has given much joy, not only to the people of Skerries but to people on holidays and from adjoining counties. The design of the programme and the talent within were superb and a big thanks to everybody involved. The street entertainment was yet another success, thanks to all the stall holders, artists and volunteers who made sure we had a good day and that everyone stayed safe.

Photograph by Lawrence J Breen
Photograph by Lawrence J Breen

And if that was not enough, we finished the day with the biggest festival parade ever. School children, parents and entertainers marched along and the crowds along the way joined in. When the parade got to its destination at the harbour, we were entertained by the marvelous fire dancer and drummers. The day finished with a spectacular fireworks display that was better than ever. So my thanks to Ernestine and her committee for making this magic happen for all of us.

I would also like to congratulate the Tidy Towns committee for all the work they do for Skerries and especially, for ensuring that our town looked its best on this amazing day.

Martin Russell, Chairperson, Skerries Community Association

Soundwaves are delighted to have played a part in that day, and in the fortnight beforehand.  We are now looking back over the two weeks of festival events, tying up loose ends, sorting out our material for the blogs we hope to publish soon, adding photographs to the reports on the events, and so on… Subscribers to this website will receive updates when these come online, so remember to subscribe if you haven’t already done so (i.e. if you didn’t receive this article by email). It’s as simple as entering your email into the box on the top right of this page – and don’t worry, the only purpose we’re using the email address for is notifying you of website updates!

If you would like to be involved in planning next year’s party, do contact us!

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