And we’re off! Preparing for Soundwaves 2014

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The Soundwaves committee had its first meeting last night (March 4th, 2014). Eleven of us assembled on the invitation of Gráinne, the new chairperson.  A few more are on the team but couldn’t make it that particular night. (Would you like to join us?) Everyone full of ideas,many well-known  and a couple of new faces, great vibes – brainstorming was the name of the game.

This year’s Soundwaves Festival will take place from Thursday, September 18, to Sunday, September 28, 2014. Mark your calendars!

A calendar marked with the festival dates.

And while it’s way, way too early to name acts or promise anything, we do expect to have a lot of the Festival Favourites again.

Such as the big gig in the Courtyard, the Festival Street Party, a night of classical music, an art exhibition to set the frame for the launch…

Minecraft will be in its third year. Lego workshops will return and hopefully there will be even more than before.

We’re hoping to bring the drumming workshop back, which was a great event, as well as some local music groups who have already indicated they’d love to do another gig.

And Skerries Got Talent will take place again, too!

And then there were new ideas. Brilliant ones. Even the ideas for fundraisers were great!

I won’t go into too much detail about them here, as we can’t tell as yet which ones will be runners, and where logistics or people’s availability will make it impossible.

Let’s just say it’s worth putting those dates into your diary, and don’t forget to follow our blog to be kept updated with any plans!

The "Follow us by email" box is in the top right-hand corner.
The “Follow us by email” box is in the top right-hand corner.

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