On the morning of the 2014 Festival Launch

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The Launch – The Website – Facebook – This Blog – Next Events – Our Sincere Thanks

Events list finalised, venues arranged, tickets printed? – Check.
Brochures designed, printed, and distributed? – Check.
Website updated, events put up online and overview added? – Check / work in progress.
Twitter and Facebook accounts reactivated? – Check / work in progress.
List of volunteers contacted and people matched to events? – Check / work in progress.

We are ready for the 2014 Skerries Soundwaves Festival!

And in particular, we are ready for tonight’s launch! The Soundwaves banners are ready to be put up in Skerries Mills tonight, the exhibition is ready to be displayed, and the one and only Skerries event of the nationwide Culture Night 2014 , the launch of Skerries Soundwaves 2014 and the opening of Illustrator Ireland’s latest exhibition, “The Art of Superstition,” is ready for you! Do join us from 8 p.m. tonight. Refreshments and good company. What else could you want?

Opening Night Logo 2014

See what’s on – on our Website

This year, our website has a full list of upcoming events. It shows all events, whether they are free with no need to book (like the Opening Night or the Lego Minecraft & Cookery Competitions & Exhibitions on Sunday)… except for the ones that are already over, so over the next ten days, the list will get shorter and shorter…

web event how

Click on the name of any event to open its description on the Soundwaves website – and you can purchase your tickets there and then on the site (plus a fee which goes to our online ticket handlers, Eventbrite), or even better, go to our designated ticket office, Skerries Tourism, 18 Thomas Hand Street.

If you click on “Buy Tickets” you’ll get to the Eventbrite site, where you can also get the tickets. (By the way, it says “Buy Tickets” even for the free, unticketed events – that’s something we have no control over.)

We also have a calendar – again just showing events that are still to come, so that too will get more and more empty.

right click event

Clicking on an event will open a small bubble with information and a BUY button, which in turn will take you to the Eventbrite website. If you right-click on the event, you’ll get a choice of opening the link in a new tab or window – and either way you’ll see the information on our own website.

Enough of the technicalities! Overall, the integration with Eventbrite offers those who cannot get to the Skerries Ticket Office an alternative, and everyone can see all the information – as up-to-date as our volunteer web master Sabine can manage – in a pretty streamlined way. So – no excuses for not coming to our events!

Facebook and Twitter

You can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Please do share our posts so others can see them, too – so whenever you read about an event that you like, click like! If you think you’d like to say something about it – post a comment! And if you’d like someone else to see it – share it! 🙂 All these will help our posts to reach more people. The more people know about the events and take part in them, the more fun for everyone!

Facebook tonight

This Blog would like your help!

We hope to cover all events and give you a good feel for what is happening during your festival. However, we cannot be everywhere… much as we try… so if you have been to an event and would like to contribute to this blog, do send your impressions, views, thoughts to skerriessoundwavesfestival@gmail.com and we’ll gladly include them!

And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with what’s happening, subscribe to this blog (if you’re looking at this on a PC, the subscription form is on the top right-hand corner just below “About Soundwaves” – on a smartphone / mobile device, scroll towards the end, just before the sections Soundwaves on Facebook and Soundwaves on Twitter), and you’ll get an email every time there is a new blog (every one to two days from now until the end of September).

Next Events

This weekend is going to be fantastic! After the launch on Friday night, there will be no less than four events on Saturday and eight – EIGHT!!! – on Sunday!

We will just give you the list here; the Mindfulness workshop is sold out online, but some tickets are left in the Ticket Office as we speak; Lego Workshops: Sold out except for some online tickets for 8-12-year-olds.


Mindfulness: Stop, Breathe and Be: Skerries Mills:10 a.m. 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 | 12.00 EUR – sold out online, some tickets left in Skerries Tourism

Magic Show with Colly Jolly: Rugby Club: 3 p.m. 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 | €5

Skerries Got Talent MATINEE: Little Theatre: 6 p.m. 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 | €5

Skerries Got Talent FINALS: Little Theatre: 8 p.m. 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 | 7.00 EUR


Half-Day Lego Workshop for 6- to 10-year-olds: Little Theatre: 10 a.m. 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | SOLD OUT

Lego Workshop for 4- to 7-Year-Olds: Little Theatre:  10 a.m. 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | SOLD OUT

Workshop: How to Photograph Your Children: DesignWorks Studio: 11 a.m. 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | FREE but pre-book online please

Lego Workshop for 8- To 12-Year-Olds: The Little Theatre: 12 noon 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | 7.00 EUR

Ukulele Concert with the UkuHooligans: Skerries Mills: 2 p.m. 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | FREE

Skerries Lego & Minecraft & Cookery Competitions and Exhibition: Community Centre 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | FREE

The Nualas at Skerries Soundwaves: Raff’s on the Corner On stage 8 p.m. 21 SEPTEMBER 2014 | 12.00 EUR

Quite a list, huh?

Add to that the Bag Packing in Supervalu on Saturday (if you’d like to help out for an hour or two, do send an email to skerriessoundwavesfestival@gmail.com, it’ll be fun! Over-16s only, please), and we’ll all need to take most of Monday off to recuperate and be back in form for My Name Is Saoirse (Sunday’s Child Theatre Company) in the Mills that night….

Do subscribe to the Blog (see above how) to read about all the events!

Thanks where thanks is due!

Apart from all the volunteers putting together this festival and / or helping out at individual events, Skerries Community Association, of which we are a committee and who have always been extremely supportive and helpful, and of course you, the public, without whom it would be a very lonely thing indeed, we would like to thank our two main sponsors, Fingal County Council and The Arts Council. Without them, we doubt we could run the festival, so our sincere gratitude to them.
Also, we’d like to mention Skerries Camera Club here, who have agreed to take pictures during the events, which will then make the blog posts & website & Facebook & Twitter coverage of the festival so much more enjoyable. Thanks, guys, you are doing a very important job and we cannot say enough how much we appreciate it!

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