Family Fun Pottery and Cake Decorating Events at Skerries Art School 2015

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From the very young (who brought her bottle and her potty along!) to those displaying a few grey hairs, all places were occupied at the Family Fun Pottery event at Skerries Art School on Saturday afternoon.  Much concentration was extended to cutting, squeezing, kneading and manipulating unpromising blocks of dull grey clay.   And the kids weren’t waiting for the Muse to inspire them, it was straight in with those lovely cutting/poking tools…this was FUN!  As for the adults?  They seemed to find moulding clay very therapeutic.  Perhaps they were remembering playing with Mala (plasticine) at school.

Text and some photography: Marie Byrne, Skerries Camera Club, and Skerries Art School.

Family Fun Pottery

Cake Decorating

Denyze Joyce, Skerries Arts School, writes:

So a very busy weekend with our cake decorating competition on Sunday as well as pottery on Saturday
Thanks to all who participated … €206 was raised for Dogs in Distress…

And the winners were:

Pottery … 1 st The Slaughter Family … For Minions
2nd The Davey Family … For Halloween
Cake decorating ….1 st Millie Levins… Ice cream day
2nd Abbie Grealey … Clown

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