North Dublin Opera 2015: Hansel and Gretel

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There was a full house at the Little Theatre for Hansel & Gretel on Saturday evening. How appreciative an audience they were as was proved by the many interesting and varied questions they posed to the cast after the show.  Congratulations are due to the cast of North Dublin Opera for a really entertaining production.  The singing was wonderful and the dancing and story were pitched perfectly for the children, encompassing a Sandman and a Good Fairy and lots of humour to take the edge off a salutary story.  While the sets for the opening and woodland scenes were simple and perfectly adequate, the gingerbread house was an extravaganza of satin and tulle and glitter which opened back to reveal the witch’s den dominated by a huge oven from which wonderous pink- and white-iced confections emerged that were stuffed into poor(?) Hansel.  The oven, as we learned, was brilliantly designed to fit that awful, bad witch.  After the show, the cast answered the children’s questions from “When did you start singing” to one addressed to Hansel as to whether he enjoyed have cake forcibly stuffed into his mouth!  To finish, fairy dust was distributed (and some cake too, I think) and everyone went home happy and some, perhaps, inspired to think about pursuing their interest in singing opera.
Photography and review: Marie Byrne, Skerries Camera Club