Soundwaves Minecraft Project 2015

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This year’s Soundwaves Minecraft Project saw over fifty Minecraft fans, aged 6 to 14, spend a good bit of their week online, creating beautiful builds with this wonderful “online sand box” that is Minecraft.

The starting point was an online world that looked just like Skerries, coast line, Red Island, offshore islands, Mill Pond, major roads and all – created by Mat, one of the three organisers. And then the Minecrafters came… and created their own virtual Skerries, brick by brick.

The Wrap Party

One day’s rest for the players, a day of preparation & judging for the organisers – and then it there was the party on Sunday. After a week of making new friends online, of meeting old friends again (and being very impressed by their ever-increasing Minecraft building skills) and spending time with them in our world, this is where we got to see (nearly) everyone in real life. I think our project is very special in that it brings together Minecrafters across a range of ages, who are all part of the Skerries community. Where else can you play on a safe server with people you know in real life? Great to put faces to names.

The one-hour party was full-on. Printouts of many of the builds! (By no way all of them, but loads and loads.) A video of our world! A Lego corner! A colouring table! Popcorn, marshmallows and other treats! And of course: The Minecraft Build Off, ably orchestrated by Wututui aka Ciarán. As you can see from the pictures, people were busy!

All our 2015 winners

It was an indication of the great buzz we had on the server this year that so many came to the party – practically all players were there on Sunday. And in my mind, everyone who was part of the 2015 project was a winner. Having said that, we did have a few prizes to give out… First of all for the competition on the day:

The Minecraft Build Off

26 participants. 2 minutes per round. 3 rounds. A lot of excitement and cheering from the crowd. And then it was clear… the winners were:

1st: Pukamay (again!)

2nd: Cocopoppy

3rd: Trevorpat

And the 2015 Soundwaves Minecraft Project Winners are….

For the fourth time now, Liam O’Donnell  aka Praxismaxis did the judging. Liam is an award-winning author, teacher, and Minecraft fan. He came online from Toronto, where he lives (very useful for a judge to come from far, far away), to have a good look at the builds and to pick the winners. In some categories, there were more entries than in others, so Liam picked between 1 and 3 winners and up to two Honourable Mentions.

Skerries Category, Minor Miner (2nd class and younger)

1st place: Cartmaster: Rockabill.

2nd place: Stampyjackcrilly: ImageDepot

Fantasy Category, Minor Miner (2nd class and younger)

1st place: SamuelP2007: SeaCastle

2nd place: 123danamal: TheTowerOfSkerries

3rd place: AwesomeDog2007: Megacinema

Skerries Category, Junior Miner (3rd and 4th class)

1st place: Tennislad: TennHouse

Fantasy Category, Junior Miner (3rd and 4th class)

1st place: BayernMo: stumble_stairs

2nd place: epic_olaf64: RapunzelsTower

3rd place: IronMiner2015: lasership

Honourable Mention: TREVORPAT: BIGHOUSE

Skerries Category, Senior Miner (5th class and older)

1st place: theloopyunicorn: StormInATeacup

2nd place: IRISHPROGAMEZ: BlueBar

3rd place: CILLIAN676: CrowMan

Fantasy Category, Senior Miner (5th class and older)

1st place: Hogmaster234: TheParkourPalace

2nd place: CILLIAN676: SoundwavesCastle

3rd place: theloopyunicorn: BigSteve

Honourable Mention: Riona2003: treetops

Honourable Mention: pukamay: arcade_machien

Here are screen shots of the winning entries:

And here are some impressions from the Soundwaves Minecraft Project 2015 Wrap Party, Sunday 27 September 2015.

For details, check out the dedicated website!

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Images: Caroline Curley (additional images: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club).