Tell Me a Story 2015

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Shane Hegarty

Despite the sunshine and the exciting attractions of the Street Party, there was a full house for the author of the Darkmouth books, Shane Hegarty, at the “Tell Me a Story event in Holmpatrick School on Sunday afternoon.  And the audience was well rewarded for abandoning them,  for Hegarty’s presentation was a tour de force of of entertainment as he fired questions at the children and drew out their opinions on what makes a good story.   Cleverly, he had distributed pages in advance to some audience members on which were written (or not in the case of Mystery!) certain words that, when read out loud by them, provided prompts for him to expound on the components of an interesting book such as Suspense, Humour, Mystery, short chapters and, of course, an engaging hero.  (Can you guess from the photos who got Shane’s grocery shopping list?)  The ingenuity of this was that it kept the children focussed while providing a structure to a discussion that was marvellously entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny.    How marvellous to read books where exciting, mysterious and dramatic events happen in the town where you live.  Watch out for Legends at the roundabout or charging down Strand Street!!!   I’m off to the Skerries Bookshop for a copy;  I’m hooked.

Text and Photography: Marie Byrne, Skerries Camera Club.

Deborah Wiseman

Did you know that you are likely to observe a flamingo in Skerries?  Most likely it will be conversing with three little wolves.  And no, they won’t be discussing Darkmouth Legends marauding around Strand Street.  They will be more interested in building materials because the Big Bad Pig (the BBP) who thumps around the town is forever destroying the houses built by three little wolves.  Skerries is awash with strange creatures.  Who knew?  Deborah Wiseman is a superb storyteller but then she did have lots of help from the audience who joined in with great gusto..  She’s so good, in fact, that someone’s daddy fell fast asleep before the story had ended!  See if you can spot him in the photos.  Setting the story in Skerries, Deborah gave full rein to her thespian talents and performed the story of the Three Little Wolves (the book was merely a prompter), taking all sorts of uproariously funny twists and turns before finally coming to a happy ending for all concerned and the BBP became the BGP (Big Good Pig).   At the end, children were invited to come up to the front to give us a taster of a story they might write by filling in the blanks as in “Once upon a time there was a ……………………. called ……………… who wanted to ……………………………..  Some of them came up with interesting and tantalising opening lines so there may be some budding writers in Skerries following in the footsteps of the famous local authors.

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