Adelle Cully


I work with stoneware and porcelain.  The majority of my work is currently hand built and I strive to conquer the potters wheel, a skill that takes many years to perfect.

Clay is something that had always intrigued me.  Growing up on a farm in Delvin, Co Westmeath, I one day saw the layers of multi-coloured clay on the side of a freshly dug stream.  My father explained that the different coloured clay was a result of the many minerals in the earth which produced such vivid colours, orange, black, grey and white layers of fresh clay.  At the age of 8, I spent many happy hours, essentially covered in mud, mixing it with water from the stream and making a happy mess.  I attempted to bake them in my mother’s old Stanley cooker.  Obviously with no real success but that’s when the intrigue began with all things clay.

My work today is greatly influenced by my surroundings.  I am very fortunate to live beside the sea in Donabate, which has one of the most beautiful cliff walks, an expansive beach, and smaller inlets.  We also have a large forest behind our home and sometimes when outside, I have to try to distinguish if the sounds around me are from the nearby waves or from the wind in the trees.  Both inspire and bring me to stand still for a moment. 

Coastal walks in Donabate and memories from childhood holidays to my mother’s home place in Connemara, also come through in my work.  References to lichen, coral formations, barnacles, rock pools, crashing waves, the tides and the relationship with the moon, its effects on the seas and on us, are all elements that I’m instinctively drawn to and are reflected in my pieces.