Ann Ensor



My practice includes sculptural elements, paint and sound. Through using these mediums, I explore materiality. I understand the dynamics of life as arising from materiality itself.   Here there is a hidden spirituality, and bundles of trajectory lines flow and counterflow, forming an immense living tissue of visiblematter, which coexists with an invisible agency. This suggests a life that has porous boundaries, is in continual flux, is open-ended, has no destiny and keeps on inventing new forms. In this fluid space substances flow, mix, mutate and congeal. 

 My art practice explores this mesh of materiality, its porous boundaries, and the relationship between the different entities. Environmental issues are central to my practice and I want to show the environment as that which we share with all other entities.

In the works submitted I have used marble dust and natural pigment which have been applied in watery layers and then sanded back to suggest the processes of sedimentation and erosion found in shells. My work has been influenced by the anthropologist Tim Ingold and Elizabeth Grosz, who is a theorist. The artists, Avis Newman and Katharina Grosse, and the interiors of Baroque Churches have also helped to shape my practice.