Antonio D'Souza


I am interested in the concept of taking objects, materials and words from their original context and placing them into another context with the intention of provoking a surprise reaction from the observer.

I use gaskets salvaged from motorcars, motorbikes and lawnmowers to create facial expressions.  A gasket's original function is to act as a mechanical seal between two or more surfaces. Paper, rubber, cork, card, foam, graphite and metals from which the gaskets are made bear the marks of a previous existence – some from intense heat or pressure, others from oil stains or rust. 

Each individual gasket piece therefore, has its own identity, just as each of us do, expressing on our faces the multitude of life’s experiences.  Following the process of exploring, selecting, arranging and rearranging the gaskets, something quite distinctive and characterful is formed.
Rethinking and re-imagining a new purpose for materials allows me to reflect on what I’m creating, and in that process it is possible to discover beauty in the most unlikely of places.