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artwaves open-submission 2017 registration and submission extended until Monday 21st august 2017 at 5.00pm

ArtWaves festival 2017

ArtWaves is 4 years old this year... it is a vibrant community art festival based in Skerries, Co Dublin that developed through all of the arts activities that were part of the SoundWaves Festival. ArtWaves is quickly establishing itself as one of the up and coming art festivals in North Dublin and in conjunction with SoundWaves, has recently received funding from the Arts Council of Ireland and Fingal County Council.

Fingal Co Co

The aim of ArtWaves is to -

  • Provide a platform for artistic engagement between local artists and the community
  • Promote audience participation inclusive of multi-cultural and multi-disciplined artistic practices
  • Develop a strong artistic vision that is key to sustaining art at a local level for the community

ArtTrail 2017

ArtWaves 2017 is building upon last years highly sucessful ArtTrail in which there were 35 retail and business venues around Skerries exhibiting artworks. We expect that this year's ArtTrail will feature 50+ venues. The ArtTrail will feature several guided tour/walks of the artworks exhibited around the town during the ArtWaves Festival which will utilise alternative spaces such as shop windows, empty retail units, banks, show houses, restaurants and outdoor spaces where the art will be exhibited.

ArtPark 2017 Sculpture Garden, Ardgillan Castle

A new feature in conjunction with Ardgillan Castle, we are creating a temporary Sculpture Garden within the Castle grounds. Works for this will be chosen through the ArtWaves Open-Submission.


RunOfTheMill 2017, ArtWaves Exhibition, Skerries Mills

This exhibition has been running since the inception of SoundWaves Festival in 2004, and is also the starting point for our ArtTrail Guided Tours/Walk.