Deborah Wiseman


Joint 3rd Place - ArtWaves Open-Submission 2017


Deborah was jointly awarded third place prize (alongside Ursula Klinger) at the ArtWaves 2017 Awards Event for their superb paintings. We're sure you'll agree Deborah's work is outstanding and when you read her statements about the subject matter of the work, you can't help but be touched. At it's best art can really change the way you see the world.

.....Deborah's work was displayed in Skerries Frameworks



I paint in oils and recently have been very drawn to figurative work. Swim I and II were influenced by photographs of my Grandmother I found when I cleaned out the family home as my mother had to go into care. I had never met my Grandmother and was drawn to the pictures of the swimming pool not least because my mother loves swimming and so do I. They are an emotional response to losing my mum to Alzheimers. They are part of a larger area of exploration concerning matriarchy, lineage and the invisible ties that bind.