That Was The Gig at the Mills 2014

Four acts – one stage – a practically sell-out gig – a great night!

For the fourth year running, Soundwaves through Dave Diebold & his team have put together a gig that has wowed the audience.

This year, it was a mix of three nationally well-known acts, The Young Folk, The Booka Brass Band and Jerry Fish and Band. Fiona Garvey, winner of the 2013 Skerries Got Talent competition, started the night and got the audience swinging to her guitar and her haunting, soulful voice.

Most of the audience had arrived in the Courtyard of Skerries Mills  – once more set up for a great gig – by the time The Young Folk took to the stage… Though everybody was delighted we didn’t actually need the cover, it was good to know it was there!

For some, the Booka Brass Band was the highlight of the night. Their upcoming gig in the Button Factory on October 17th is sold out… a good indication as to how hot this act is!

And then Jerry Fish took over. Completely. There was no escaping his positive energy and musical passion! Everyone, and I mean everyone, sang, waved, danced and enjoyed the show. They had no choice! 🙂

In the end, we were all delighted that such a night was possible in Skerries – thanks to Soundwaves, our annual Arts & Music Festival which brings such brilliant acts to our town and allows us the experience them together.

Thanks for being at our party, everyone – and thanks for organising the party for us, Dave & Co.!

Voices from our Feedback Survey:

“I loved the venue & thought Jerry Fish was brilliant.”

“Loved the venue that suited crowd size perfect.. intimate yet effective”

“Great location, very well organised and the bands were amazing. We all had a brilliant night.”

“Great vibe. Loved the bands, especially Booka Brass and Jerry Fish. Loved the people there – great crowd, great atmosphere.”

“Looking forward to the next one!”

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Voices from our Facebook Page:

Great show !!! Well done to all involved. – Paul

It was a great night indeed , totally enjoyable.- Johnnie

Brilliant night. – Deirdre

Brilliant gig, fantastic location. Still recovering. – Rachel

And it’s not just the audience who had a great time…

 We had a great time @ Skerries Soundwaves-Festival last night. If we could quote Jerry Fish, “Thank you for inviting us to your party!” – The Young Folk

Thank you for two wonderful shows in Cork & Skerries this weekend me darlin’s xx Wow!! xx You know we love you! xx prochain arrêt Paris! xx Big love, Jerry Fish xx

Our pictures of the Gig at the Mills

Picture credits: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club

About the main acts:

Jerry Fish

There’s a tendency for the word ‘unique’ to be bandied around a little too freely in music circles, but that is the only way to describe Jerry Fish’s genre-bending style. A highly charismatic performer who refuses to countenance audiences having anything but a good time.

Jerry’s music has been described as “Lounge Lizard Schmooze” and “Punk Latino” and his latest single releases ‘Barefoot $ Free’ + ‘Early to Bed’ feat. Dana Colley (Morphine) have been compared to The Cramps, The Stooges and John Spencer Blues Explosion.

“I have formed a brand new collective of artists and musicians for my live show” – “The main protagonist of my new line-up is my guitarist Grum, who is from the Rowland S.Howard, Warren Ellis/Bad Seeds underground school of music,” Jerry continues. “We have recently recorded sessions with Rarely Seen Above Ground who will also be joining forces with us at our future live shows.”

The Jerry Fish live experience dissolves all boundaries between performer and audience, and has been known to transform sedate tux ‘n’ frock audiences into Roman galley slaves rowing their way through ‘The Hole In the Boat’, or ballroom-of-romancers slow-dancing to ‘Back To Before’, or swampy block parties gyrating to bacchanalian classics like ‘Celebrate’

Jerry Fish’s antecedents are not stadium rock bands but burlesque artists, circus acts, carny barkers, travelling players, showfolk all.

“Someone told me that carnival was the one day you got to give a two fingered salute to the king,” Jerry said some years ago. “They had to give people a release. It was an anarchist’s holiday. May there forever be carnival.”

Booka Brass Band

Booka Brass Band, an Irish-based,  New Orleans style eight-piece brass band, are undoubtedly a “have to see it to believe it” type of act. A range of high energy self-penned tunes combined with quite incredible covers of Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty and Beyonce’s Crazy In Love have audiences screaming for more as they leave the stage.

The Young Folk

An accomplished musical aggregate that joins the microdots between Villagers, Noah & The Whale and old Greenwich Village Kweskin Jug Band. Serious challengers for the area populated by the likes of Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons and The Low Anthem. This is folk in Cuban heels.