Fiona Maciupa



Nature is magical , I find most of my art links in closely to it, in a way to honor it. In this way I have discovered and continued my love of hand crafting as too designing.

My visual studies are very much the foundation on which my textile art is based. The shape, color, form, line-work and patterns from my dry point prints and watercolours guide me through the evolution of the design process.

My eternal interest in nature, especially how it erodes often influences the rich tertiary color stories within all my work. Observational studies of eroded objects and weathered landscapes as well as short written notes are signposts of possibility in the interpretation of my visual studies into two dimensional or three dimensional structures, the content of my work is concerned with erosion, its effect on habitats.

I am drawn to the psychical evidence of life death and regrowth. With this in mind I often find myself compelled to combine my work with weathered objects I find on my inspirational travels through towns and beaches.