That Was Shadows and Lights 2014

The Life and Music of Joni Mitchell – brought to Rockabill Restaurant

We’ve Seen The World From Both Sides Now…

Thursday, 25 September 2014.

Shadows & Light are Maura Vambeck, Vocals; Dave Mulligan, Guitars; Paul Enright, Keyboards.

During this intimate show based on the iconic singer–songwriter Joni Mitchell, they had the audience in the sold-out venue spellbound. Maura Vambeck’s voice is spot on, and she has a great way of giving the audience an in-depth background to the songs without it ever turning into a History of Music In the 20th Century Lecture. This time, Dave Mulligan (guitar – or rather, guitars, as he brought many) had not been at last year’s gig. His virtuosity and attention to detail were great to hear and observe. Add to that local man Paul Enright on keyboard, who seemed to be enjoying every single note of the music, and you have the full Shadows & Light crew.
The show featured songs from the huge Joni repertoire, interspersed with stories behind the songs and quotes from the lyrics. There were of course the classics from the landmark ‘Blue’ album, with many a member of the audience singing along the that song about the yellow taxi, the parking lot, or indeed the clouds that Joni had looked at before. And there were also later jazz, orchestral and pop-influenced songs such as In France They Kiss on Main Street, My Secret Place and Wild Things Run Fast.

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