Jason Deans


My work concerns how the use of raw, natural materials can resonate retort and respond to human interactions on the contemporary world. Through the use of materials and media such as sculptural installation, photography, drawing and printmaking, my practice is reactive to issues of political and financial instability in Ireland, Europe and the world at large and the ensuing social difficulties it creates.

 The recent series of work I have produced focuses on the Brexit referendum in the UK, how this came about and how this will affect us in an Irish context. Initially focusing on the psyche of the British people, why they voted to leave the EU, this will evolve into a larger body of work in the future. 

 I attempt to create a level of ambiguity within my practice by removing context; emphasizing factors independently of the event. While this equivocacy is important, I find myself drawn to the human factor within all things, the interaction and more importantly, the evidence of past interactions. Focusing on the remnants left in a space due to human interaction, confirming that we never completely leave an area and that these artefacts can become a monument to ourselves.