Kevin Rogan



I work in soft pastel. For me, pastel is the purest method of painting, since pure colour is used without a fluid medium. Pastel is pure pigment ground into a paste mixed with a small amount of binder and then formed into sticks. These pure pigments provide the rich and vivid colors characteristic of the medium. 

I am self taught in this medium and learn about new techniques through books and online sources. I really like to experiment with different styles and techniques. I usually like to use bright colours in my work.

I like to try a number of different subjects for my artwork. I have painted a lot of landscapes, a few portraits, caricatures and a lot of modern art pieces. My landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and other works are created by applying pastels onto a colored ground. The use of a colored ground creates an additional textural and colour element to the painting, which helps to unify the overall color of the piece and create a harmonious balance.

My influences are mostly pastel artists like Jeremy Ford, Liz Hayden-Sullivan and Les Darlow.