Lauren Hoey


1st Place - ArtWaves Open-Submission 2017


Lauren was awarded First Place at the ArtWaves Open-Submission 2017 Awards Event for her amazingly intricate and complex Freakshow installation. We're sure you'll agree the artistry of the paintings and the 'Twins of Prey' puppet doll is astounding. The hand made ceramics and costume are inspired by her research into hybrid creatures and how their animalistic qualities can act as a metaphor for the feeling of being out of place. At it's best art can really give you a different way you see the world.



As an Illustrator and Maker, I position my practice within the realm of storytelling. Surrounded by ideals of perfection, my interest lies in the feelings of inadequacy and self doubt; resulting in fantasies of escape and evolution to compensate.

Using a variety of mixed media and textile techniques, I explore imagined narratives and hybrid creatures through my love of the natural world. Found materials, man-made and organic, are what I seek to build my techniques upon. All things whimsical, organic and ethereal inspire my varying outcomes; most times influenced by the display of 18th Century, Cabinets of Curiosity.

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