Louise Boughton


I have been captivated by constructed textiles from an early age and love that the simple interlacing of threads, in various sequences, can produce an array of different fabrics.  I love the tactile qualities of yarn and the possibilities presented by the colours and textures available.  From the beginning, the processes of nature have had an influence on my work.  Consistently, I have found a wealth of mark-making, pattern and colour on organic and synthetic surfaces affected by erosion.  I find it fascinating that these are constantly transient.  

Initially, I look closely at the tactile qualities of the objects. I am struck by the myriad of colour and often jewel-like clusters present between the weathered layers. I love to pursue the idea of 'seeing the unseen'.  Instantly I envisage translating these qualities into the textile medium. I am also drawn particularly to historical relics and artefacts and seek to echo their qualities in the structures I create.  I love to work with an array of media including ceramics, stitch, knit and crochet as well as weaving. These can find themselves translating into either exhibition pieces or wearable garments/accessories. I enjoy this versatility and find it keeps my practice fresh and interesting.