marc guinan



My visual practice is firmly rooted in the exploration of the links between the term 'object' and the medium of painting. Having just completed a BA Fine Art from DIT and an MA in Art Research and Collaboration from IADT over the past six years, my work has settled comfortably into a deeply enriched research based practice.

I conceive works which are made of paint rather than painted. Through reflexivity and the unpredictability of an almost scientific studio space, which is currently based at a paint recycling centre in Dublin 15, I invite a breathing ground of exhilarating possibilities. My concepts and creative processes continually alter whilst my harvesting of the location offers varied sized canvases and 3D effects. I allow what I find to influence me and would describe my work as a partnership between abstraction and recycling.

One of my most common tools in the studio is gravity and I welcome the concept of the paint that paints itself. My outcomes are never planned and it’s this unpredictable marriage between gravity and time that makes the works unique and of interest to me.