Stephen Wright



Living in North County Dublin allows me to walk the boundary between the natural world and human influences on it.  By keeping an eye open for images from the scrapbook of daily vision I use oil painting to seek to draw out the beauty and wonder of common sights.

I see my role as artist to mediate and explore the interaction between seen images and the expressive language of paint to produce paintings that transform everyday views.  This might occur in the choice of shot, the juxtaposition of opposites, such as light and dark and the selection of brush, paint and style.

In 2015 I was helped in the development of my artistic appreciation by lectures on Irish Landscape Painting at the Hugh Lane Gallery.  These introduced me to Irish artists, like Nathaniel Hone, Frank O'Meara and Mary Swanzy who excelled in landscape painting.

Subjects that interest me show contrast between the natural world of sky, trees animals etc and human structures, such as barns, electricity poles, roof tops, feeders and tractors.  I am watchful for inspiring aspects of the painted scene as they emerge from the canvas and endeavour to move the picture to an evocative conclusion.