Table Talk

Performance Art by Artist Douglas Mooney

Interaction is the key element in ‘Table Talk’, the table refines the public space and provides for chance interaction and engagement, the artist while present, acts as an initiator rather than a controller of outcome. Mooney is influenced by such artists as Joseph Beuys’ - a German Fluxus, in his exploration of Beuys’ term Social Sculpture ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ in which Beuys illustrates his idea of art’s potential to transform society including human activity, named a kind of artwork that takes place in the social realm, an art that requires social engagement, the participation of its audience, for its completion.

The artist cites chance as a crucial element in this work, the piece - a happening in the public domain, is completed and formed by its engagement with the people - in turn their interaction and outcome is governed by chance, creating a unique and constantly redefined artwork.

LOCATION: In front of Skerries Library, Strand St., Skerries

TIME: 1.30 - 3.30pm