That Was The Festival Launch 2014

A festival launch and an exhibition opening!

This year’s festival launch was at the same time the opening of the fabulous ‘The Art of Superstition’ exhibition by Illustrators Ireland, and it took place once again in the wonderful venue that is Skerries Mills.

Members of the Soundwaves team were out in force, some with the yellow shirt, some in their civvies, but all having a great chat with each other and with others. Local politicians and a number of the directors of the Skerries Community Association (of which the Soundwaves team is a committee) were there to lend support – and to enjoy themselves.

people Michael McKenna launch (3)

Gráinne Enright, the Soundwaves Festival Director since Ernestine Woelger handed over the reigns after the 10th Festival 2013, acknowledged the hard work of all our volunteers in her opening speech – as well as the most appreciated financial support of Fingal County Council and the Arts Council of Ireland. “Without them,” she stressed, “either ticket prices would be an awful lot higher, or the festival might not happen at all – probably the latter.” And that was a thought that made everybody in the room shudder… so hooray for our sponsors!

Niamh Sharkey, Gráinne Enright, Ernestine Woelger & Natasha Isabelle
Niamh Sharkey, Gráinne Enright, Ernestine Woelger & Natasha Isabelle

Once again, the Launch & Opening of the exhibition was the Soundwaves Festival Contribution to Culture Night 2014, which involved hundreds of events all over Ireland and further afield.

The Art of Superstition Exhibition

Peter Donnelly curated this fascinating exhibition by IllustratorsIreland, and he and Niamh Sharkey (until very recently a Skerries resident – but don’t worry, she’s only moved up the road to Rush!) opened the exhibition on the night. Peter spoke about the challenging process of pulling together an exhibition with pieces from so many different illustrators…  The exhibition features over 40 framed works from members of Illustrators Ireland, each depicting a different superstition. And in an interesting move by the curator, there are no labels on the individual works, so the viewer has to guess, with help of the extensive printed list (with description and backgrounds) available, which picture represents which superstition… Our tip: Do go along and have a look at the exhibition before it is taken down!

Mummers at the Launch!

A big surprise for some of us, already part of the annual routine for others… a visit from Fingal Mummers brought a very pleasant end to the night, with speeches in verse form, songs, and even some dancing. It’s worth not being among the first to go home, it seems!


Voices from our Facebook Page:

“as usual a fantastic night” – the Mummers “did a great job in Nealon’s” afterwards…

Some more pictures of the launch

Picture credits: Michael McKenna, Skerries Camera Club; Eksteen.