Ursula Klinger


Joint 3rd Place - ArtWaves Open-Submission 2017


Ursula was jointly awarded third place prize (alongside Deborah Wiseman) at the ArtWaves 2017 Awards Event for their superb paintings. We're sure you'll agree Ursula's work is outstanding and when you read her statements about the subject matter of the work, you can't help but be touched. At it's best art can really change the way you see the world.

.....Ursula's work was displayed in Skerries Frameworks



An old dear friend once said in an opening speech for one of my exhibitions that my work “addresses the problems of visual communication; the showing of what is unsayable about the human condition in its fragility and its potential in their ambiguity” (Liam Carlin, 1922-2005). I always remembered this quote as it outlines my practice so well. 

An open door, a broken glass, an abandoned bed or a beautiful mask – they all can tell so many different stories. I never tire of looking for the mystery, the joys and the distresses beyond the actually depicted subject matter, as unsuspecting as it may seem at first glance. Through time series evolved, as I tend to go back to a subject again over the years, always exploring and searching for new facets of one particular theme. 

My figurative and realistic style with its influences of surrealism developed accordingly and intends to reach the viewers’ imagination, to evoke their emotional experience or response, to touch on their own memories or pose questions. The traditional way of oil painting, under painting and numerous thin layers of glazes creating depth of colour and light, reflects the objective in the technique.